Color is a power which
directly influences
the soul.

Wassily Kandinsky

Success is not
about how others
see you, but
how you see yourself.

The man who has
has no wings.

Muhammad Ali

Having FUN.

Albert Einstein

in pushing the envelope,
you need to be in over your
head sometimes, to find out
how tall you really are.

T. S. Eliot

Vision is the art
of seeing what is
invisible to others.

Jonathan Swift



We have 25 years in the print industry, providing concept, design and production for anything that is printed. This includes any of your branding needs, brochures, advertisements, info graphics and all collateral corporate materials.


The professionals you needs to help with your motion needs. We design top notch TV commercials, animations, and videos with dynamic and up-to-date graphics.

Dimensional Design

From packaging to environmental design to trade show graphics, we know how to design and produce both large format files and print-ready dimensional files. This includes design for offices, stores and all interior spaces.

Web/Digital/Social Media

We design and build websites, interactive presentations, web ads and banners, email and social media campaigns and do all forms of digital imaging. We can help with concept, copy writing, making timely posts and creating engaging graphics.

About Us
Design is Our Passion

Listening, Thinking, Responding

At Textural Design we approach each job as a new challenge. Listening is the first and most important part of any partnership/relationship. The first step in any new project is first understanding the needs, the business and the marketplace. We aren’t afraid to ask questions or do the research. Together, we are confident the right solution will be found and the goal met. By continually refining and reinvestigating the look and content the answer will be found in both a timely and efficient way while not lacking artistic or business integrity.

Concept, Ideas, Discussion

Design is our passion. We take a conceptual approach to solving design problems. We are passionate about good design and very analytical about finding the best solution to any client’s need. With a wide diversity of work experience, including Fortune 500 clients, small companies and NGOs, we believe in making every user experience visually exciting. Whether print or interactive, we use words, images, color and layout to make projects that are multilayered yet easy to understand. Our strengths include incorporating typography and images in a way that conveys a consistence look and concept. We enjoy the process, have no problem working under pressure.

Clean, Clear, Conceptural Design

Our Clients

Our Latest Projects

Peas Elementary Education Textbooks

Education for Africa

Peas — Promoting Equality in African Schools offering education to students age 7-18+. We designed and produced their textbooks and teaching materials for grades S1-S4, a total of 32 books in all. They wanted to upgrade the books to have a more contemporary and engaging look, inspiring students to stay in school and and learn how to compete in a modern world.

Edward Kalendar

Composer, Pianist, Arranger,

Edward Kalendar is a Philadelphia-based composer, pianist and arranger, equally at home with classical, jazz, pop and folk idioms. He needed a logo for his company, Arco Jazz and also sheet music covers for his arrangements. We created a series of covers as well as a simple website that incorporated listening to his music and viewing his videos.

Einstein Rising

NGO in Africa

Einstein Rising is an NGO that guides Africa’s entrepreneurs through the process of business development. They needed a new website to update both their content and look. The objective was to highlight the work they do in Africa and make a site that was more concise. The site we developed is more colorful and gets the message out without having to navigate through too many pages.

The Estate Planners Group

Retirerment Planning

The Estate Planners Group provides financial services to both individuals and organizations. We have been working with them for over 15 years providing them with all their design needs. Here they needed a pocket folder to give to potential clients, that they could customize with insert sheets. We also created their website making frequent updates to the training classes they teach.